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In 1839, the very same year in which our Saxon Father landed on American soil, the lot on which stands the first House of God used by Zion was purchased by Mr. Dorance Matthews, a member of Trinity Episcopal Church. This lot was to be used for the erection of an Episcopal church. The cost was approx. $1,000. A very short time later, however, Mr. Matthews transferred his residence to another city. Before leaving he sold the lot to a Mr. Whiting and several other members of Trinity Episcopal for the sum of $500, raised by subscription. In 1842, the foundation for a church, to be known as St. Paul’s Protestant Episcopal Church, was laid, the basement finished and furnished for church services. In 1845, the superstructure was completed.

Thirty-seven years later, 1882, a small band of Missouri Synod Lutherans purchased the property for the sume of $6,000. The new congregation was known as “The Evangelical Lutheran Zion’s Church.” On June 21, 1882, exactly 71 years before the corner stone laying for the new ZION CHURCH, the charter members of ZION assembled, amid great rejoicing, to rededicate this house of worship to the preaching of God’s Word and Luther’s doctrine pure.

Our first pastor was the Rev. Richard Herbst, who faithfully served the congregation for 15 years, receiving a peaceful dismissal in 1898, in order for him to accept the chaplaincy of the Home for Aged People in Brooklyn, NY.

Zion thereupon called the Rev. H.M. Zorn of Van Wert, Ohio, who was duly installed on September 17, 1897. After six years of zealous and faithful labor, during which time he established and taught a Christian day school., Pastor Zorn accepted a call to St. John’s Congregation of South Euclid in 1903.

Pastor Zorn’s successor was the Rev. A.D. Haentzschel of Cleveland, Ohio. He was installed at Zion, in January, 1904. He served faithfully and diligently for only three years after which time he was peacefully dismissed in order to accept a call to a professorship at Concordia College in Conover, NC.

Several unsuccessful attempts were made to secure a successor to Pastor Haentzschel. The congregation finally extended the call to Candidate Louis Steinbach, a recent graduate of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, MO. He was installed on July 21, 1907. Pastor Steinbach, though a gifted young man, was ill during his entire pastorate at Zion. He was finally forced to give up his calling, that became so dear to him, in 1910.

Our next pastor was the Rev. Edward William Bohn, who was installed on September 9, 1910. For a Period of ten years he worked fervently and faithfully in the interest of God’s kingdom, the Lord abundantly blessing his labors. During his pastorate, the congregation’s debt was liquidated, and an organ was purchased. In August of 1920, he accepted a call to the Deaf Mission in Cleveland and Ft. Wayne.

Next, was the Rev. Otto F. Stolzenburg, who was installed on October 17, 1920.

Church History (Continued from March Newsletter)

“Rev. Otto F. Stolzenburg, was installed on October 17, 1920. In 1924 the voters were confronted with the dual problem of either accepting a liberal offer for their present church home, and relocating, or of making extensive repairs, prompted in part by necessity. The latter course was chosen, and approximately $15,000 was expended on renovation to the exterior as well as the interior of the building.

During the 1930’s, already the feeling very gradually grew that sooner or later the congregation would be forced to erect a new House of God. However, the long depression years prompted postponement of any action. The desire for improved and extended worship facilities grew steadily. In the middle 1940’s, a building fund was established. To be sure, no one expected to start any kind of construction during the years of World War II. Building materials were comppletely unavailable except for defense purposes. Then it was thought that prices were too high, only to have them go so very much higher before we could think of construction. In July of 1950, the time had finally come to appoint the building committee. However, these men were unable, for a long time, to do any real work on their project because it had been decided to build at a new location. So the building committee became a site committee. They worked at this task for nearly two years. A number of times it seemed that the proper place has been found, only to lose it to another buyer before we could act. Finally, it was decided to build on the old site. Preliminary plans were prepared. However, when the members noted the restriction forced by the limited space, they rejected the plans and appointed a separate site committee which was instructed to act with all possible haste and to report back, in only three weeks. As a result of this action, the new site at 766 South High Street, was purchased in the summer of 1952, for the sum of $28,000. Within a very short time a new set of plans were prepared and accepted. Ground was broken on April 19, 1953. In spite of most unseasonable weather - snow storm on the 18th and a high temperature of 40 on the 19th - more than 350 members and friends were present for the ceremony. Construction was started on the very next day. The corner stone in which this brief History is to be placed for posterity, is to be laid by Pastor Stolzenburg on June 21, 1953. It is our fervent hope and prayer that we shall be privileged to place our new House of God in His service before Easter of 1954”.


ZionVision became the title for a collaboration of members that formed in 1987, to address the future needs of Zion congregation. From that first retreat when a group of members brainstormed together, came the vision to install an elevator, make the church handicapped accessible, install central air conditioning, provide additional classroom space, adequate offices, and address the increased need for accessible parking.

Capital Stewardship Campaign “Blessed to Be a Blessing” began.

In 1996, Zion dedicated the three-story addition that accomplished all the goals set, while providing a few additional parking spaces. The addition was built with one floor finished and the remaining two floors to be completed at a later date. The building debt of $1.9 million dollars was reduced to $0, by the generous offerings of Zion members. The remaining floors were completed and furnished by 2007.

Zion’s Constitution was revised in August 1989, when women were permitted to become voting members and to hold offices, with the exception of congregation President, Vice President, and Elder. Also at this time, Zion’s Church Council was replaced with the Parish Planning Council with the addition of several new boards.

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February 22nd Ash Wednesday Services with Holy Communion/Imposition of Ashes 11:00 AM & 7:00 PM
March 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th Lenten Worship Services 11:00 AM & 7:00 PM


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The First Wednesday (February 1st), the Service, beginning at 7:00 PM, will be Divine Service Setting Three, with Holy Communion. On Wednesdays (February 8th & 15th), the Service will be Compline, and will begin at 7:00 PM. There will be a Bible Study following the Services (7:45 PM), in the Family Room. Private Confession and Absolution will be available (by appointment) on Wednesdays with the execption of Ash Wednesday, from 6:15- 7:00 PM, in Pastor Hromowyk’s Office.

Ash Wednesday Services on February 22nd will be a Matins Service at 11:00 A.M. and a 7:00 P.M. Evening Prayer Service.