Voting as Christians

There is an unwritten rule in churches that Pastors are not supposed to talk about politics. That is, quite frankly, absurd. Jesus warns in Mark 8:15, “Watch out; beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the leaven of Herod.” That is to say, “Beware of the false teachings of both Church and State!” Remaining silent about anything is a breeding ground for Satan to tempt us to sin. Where the Word of God is not rightly preached and taught, the sinful flesh will always default to sinful ways unless it is taught otherwise, because Satan never ceases to preach and teach his lies of anti-gospel! This month’s newsletter article, therefore, is a “theology of voting.”

When you go to the polls this month, you have a great responsibility. As a Christian, you have a wonderful freedom in Christ to cast your vote for those who will do what is best for your country and your neighbor. Notice nowhere in that sentence did I say anything about voting for what is best for you. (It should be said, however, that voting for what is best for the country and your neighbor is what is best for you.) Sadly, we Americans have been treated much like spoiled children. Each political party has tried to spoil the “kids” instead of doing what is best for them, which would be adhering to the Constitution and Law of the land as our forefathers arranged.

The 10 Commandments summarize the natural laws observable in creation as God ordained them in the beginning. Since they form a simple guide for instructing Christians how to live, they also instruct us how to vote. Here is a simple guide to how Christians should vote every time they go to the polls. Making a simple check list of candidates for each commandment will give a clear and concise path on how the Christian should vote.

1 st Commandment: Which candidate will most support a country that puts its fear, love, and trust in the One true God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?

2 nd Commandment: Which candidate will most support Christians who want to honor God’s name with their prayers, praises, and thanksgivings in Church, home, and the workplace?

3 rd Commandment: Which candidate will most support the Christian Church and the freedom of religion guaranteed in our Bill of Rights?

4 th Commandment: Which candidate is most likely to support the Constitution of the United States of America and the Law of the land, which is the authority that governs them?

5 th Commandment: Which candidate is most likely to support human life, from natural conception to natural death?

6 th Commandment: Which candidate is most likely to support the biblical, and therefore, natural definition of marriage between one man and one woman?

7 th Commandment: Which candidate is most likely to help their constituents improve and protect their possessions and income? That is to say, which candidate is least likely to steal what their constituents earned and distribute it to someone else, and at the same time is most likely to defend their property?

8 th Commandment: Which candidate is most likely to explain everything that pertains to your neighbor in the kindest way?

9 th & 10th Commandments: Which candidates is most likely to encourage Americans to be content with the things they have and not entice them to want more?

The voting booth is no place for feelings, emotions, or personal opinions about individuals running for Office. That’s for the dinner table. Instead, it is a place of sincere responsibility where we must objectively ask, “Who will best serve to protect our nation from enemies both foreign and domestic, uphold and respect the Law of the land, and maintain our freedom to love and serve our neighbor?”

May God be with you as you cast your votes, leaning on Him and His Word to guide your life!

In Christ, Pastor Hromowyk


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